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Children's picture book illustrations and book covers - Chantal is represented by Hen & Ink literary studio and is a full member of SCBWI.

Worzel says Hello! - published by Hubble and Hattie - Aug. 2017 Noush and Momo sliding on the icy river (Winter Story) Noush, Agnes, Maude and Momo spot the house! (Winter Story) Noush and Momo are walking through the snowy forest (Winter Story) Kay throws a tantrum Kay and Edie having a chat (The talent show) more info: http://horaceandnim.co.uk/ Amelia's amazing talent Amelia's amazing talent From: Worzel says Hello From: Worzel says Hello Billie riding her tricycle in "Sebastian" Highly Commended in the AOI Awards 2013 walking to the seaside - from "The Mud Monster" highly commended in the MacMillan Prize 2011 - published by Tizio All in bed from "A knock on the door" more info on: http://horaceandnim.co.uk/ Horace writes a letter to Nigel the flamingo - more info: http://horaceandnim.co.uk/ Horace and Nim meet a friendly earwig - http://horaceandnim.co.uk/ Horace reads a story to the friends - http://horaceandnim.co.uk/ Horace asks the swallows for advice for Nigel the Flamingo Horace discovers his new home lightbox phototm gallery software by VisualLightBox.com v5.9m

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“But the greatest strength of this app is Chantal Bourgonje’s enchanting artwork”  -ipadappreviews

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